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K.M. Chandrashekaran
​Organising Director, Yoga Alliance International, India


K.M. Chandrashekaran, with his background in engineering and management, brings to his work his life-long interest in yoga and allied matters. He writes frequently and gives talks on yoga. Some of his essays are published on Yoga Alliance International’s Facebook page.


In his spare time, K.M. Chandrashekaran runs a blog "janachandra" which features some of his short stories, essays and poems.

Camille Gicquel.jpg
Camille Gicquel
Chairperson, Yoga Alliance International, France


Camille was born in the West of France and got introduced to Yoga thanks to her Mom, an experienced practitioner, who convinced her to attend a class of Hatha yoga thinking that it may help channelize her energy and anxious nature, and it was a revelation! However, after studying a diversity of fields and working in a lot of others, something was still missing in her life for her to be truly happy. Her love for travelling and her thirst for discoveries, encounters and new experiences finally took her to India, the ancestral place of traditional yoga. Her encounter with Swami Vidyanand and his system of Transformational Hatha Yoga have then totally convinced her that she wanted to live her life following the path of Yoga.

Camille is a Yoga Alliance International Certified Yoga Teacher for 500 hours level, Master in Transformational Yoga and Meditation. She studied under the guidance of Swami Vidyanand in New Delhi and In Kuyilapalyam , nearAuroville/Pondicherry, . She is also the Chair Person of Yoga Alliance International France and in charge of SriMa School In Kuyilapalyam , nearAuroville/Pondicherry,  branch.

Cecile Vieillard
​Director, Yoga Alliance International, France


Cécile lives in the south of France, where she loves being close to the Mediterranean sea. Cécile began practising yoga in the USA and Shanghai when she was an Air France crew member. When she lost her medical licence to fly, Cécile discovered Transformational Hatha Yoga, and she understood quickly that she wanted to teach yoga to give the strength trough the knowledge that’s why it’s her yogi name Atma Shakti. Cécile has a pharmacy licence which complements her yoga teaching, and she aims to give her students a deeper connection with themselves through balance and good health.

Lisa Hoummady
​co-ordinator , Yoga Alliance International, France


Growing in a multicultural background (French & Moroccan), Lisa developed at a very young age a sensitivity and interest towards discovering new cultures. Her childhood experiences in Tokyo, Japan, where she lived from 3 to 6 years old, and later in Canada further developed her enthusiasm to travel and discover new countries, people and experiences. Her particular attraction to Asia then brought her to Hong Kong and Singapore where she worked in the Banking industry.

She discovered Transformational Hatha Yoga while living in Singapore. As she witnessed positive effects (both on the physical and mental level) after only few months of practice, she decided to go to India to learn and understand this method under the supervision of Swami Vidyanand. There, she discovered an integrated system of knowledge coming from the authentic traditions of Yoga, ranging from the physical practice of Asana and Pranayama to meditation, to the wisdom principles of Eastern philosophy. She saw in this knowledge both a powerful interface between several topics and disciplines that are still approached in a "silo" way in the Western world, as well as a powerful tool to understand and face some of the complex problems encountered by modern man. She therefore realized the need to promote this authentic yogic knowledge in the West, and especially in France, where Yoga is still very much associated to a physical exercise only.

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