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  • Protection

The intention behind credentialing for yoga teachers is to ensure that instructors have an excellent knowledge of yoga and safety. With liability lawsuits being so popular these days, yoga teachers must be certified for their own protection. Liability insurance companies look favourably upon policy holders who are qualified in the field in which they provide services. A credentialed policy holder is perceived as professional, experienced, mature, and the odds of claims are reduced.


  • Recognition


Provides worldwide recognition for yoga teachers. Employers and students can be confident that they are hiring a professional who is knowledgeable, well-trained and experienced.


  • Education


Opportunity to participate in our events across the globe, includingcontinuing education workshops, advanced teacher training courses andannual yoga conferences, at special discount rates.


  • Visibility


By joining our social network, yoga teachers will be able to promote themselves, display their teaching experience and help potential students find them easily.


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