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The purpose of the Yoga teacher certification is to make sure that instructors have an excellent knowledge of all Yogic aspects and safety issues. Yoga teachers should be certified for their own protection. With liability law suits being so popular these days, it is wise to have a Yoga teacher’s diploma on the wall. Yoga is not considered to be as dangerous as some of the other activities in health clubs, but some Yoga classes can be surprisingly vigorous, to say the least.




YAI’s Certification is recognised by Yoga Organisations worldwide. YAI Certified individuals will be able to teach anywhere in the world confidently. Details of YAI certified teachers will be available on YAI web-sites.



We register yoga teachers from all traditions and styles, whose training and teaching experience meet our standards. Yoga teachers that register with us are listed on our LinkedIn page as Certified Yoga Teachers (CYTs) and are authorised to use the initials "CYT" after their name


Note that YAI certificates for individuals are issued by YAI, and carry signatures of both YAI functionaries and that of the Head of the certified School. Certificates that do not carry signatures of YAI functionaries but are issued directly by the certified school are not valid YAI certificates.




There are two ways in which yoga teachers can obtain credentials:


  • Attend a yoga teacher training course offered from a Yoga Alliance International Certified Yoga School (CYS). Candidates completing these courses from Certified Yoga Schools are automatically entitled to Yoga Alliance International certification and are registered as Certified Yoga Teachers (CYTs). They can obtain these certificates* either from their schools or directly from us.


Yoga Alliance International certificates for yoga teachers are issued directly by Yoga Alliance International. They carry the signatures of Yoga Alliance International functionaries, and that of the Head of the Certified Yoga School. Certificates that do not carry signatures of Yoga Alliance International functionaries are issued directly by the Certified Yoga School are not valid Yoga Alliance International certificates.


  • Special consideration for established yoga teachers without formal certifications but with substantial teaching experience* (minimum 10 years), strong knowledge of yoga anatomy and body mechanics, and a firm grasp of the yoga philosophy, practice and teaching.


* Yoga teachers receive varying levels of designation depending on the amount of training and teaching experience they have. For example, the Established Certified Yoga Teacher (E-CYT) designation identifies teachers with significant teaching experience.








Yoga teachers that wish to register with us and use the title and mark of Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) may apply online here.




The assessment process involves a thorough review by the Yoga Alliance International standards committee. At times, it may be necessary for the standards committee to raise questions or seek clarification about the application. The application may be annulled when the applicant fails to answer these questions timely.


Applicants are notified about their application status by email within four weeks of receiving the application, and it may take up to eight weeks before application is approved and granted, depending on the completeness of the application and ancillary documents.


Applicants are advised to make payment for the one-time certification fee upon approval of application. The Certificate of Registration is couriered to the applicant upon receiving full paym


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